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Feb 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
channel meteorologist kim cunningham now. >> thanks, lester. yes, we are watching another storm pulling away from the northeast, leaving behind 6 to 12 inches of snow anywhere from portland into new hampshire. boston could squeak out maybe 1 to 2 inches before this is all done. and then tomorrow, we are talking sunshine and temperatures back to at least average for the most part. but now, we got to focus what's happening in the plains, blizzard conditions expected in this area starting tonight. winter storm warnings for kansas city, wichita could see another top ten snowstorm with this and winter storm watch is expected in chicago here later on. we're going to watch this storm moving north. blizzard conditions again, interstates may be closed. kansas city could see 4 to 6 inches of snow with this, maybe 6 to 8 in some areas. chicago eventually will see rooks like 3 to 6 inches before it is all done, but this area of the country again getting lots of snow. there is also a threat for severe weather, not just gusty winds and heavy rain, isolated tornadoes, we will track this storm, looks l
Feb 11, 2013 4:30am PST
something out. i would like to introduce our new budget officer, mr. cunningham works for the mayor's budget office and jason, if you want to come up and introduce yourself. we have this sort of revolving chair with our budget analyst and sometimes i think it goes to the person who is the newest in the shop, i'm not sure. but i'm suggesting that as a likely possibility. if you have any questions for the budget analyst, now would be the time to ask. >> and i would state that i have only been in this job for about a month. so i may or may not be able to help you out with your questions, but i will definitely be ready to listen to anything that you say. >> we appreciate you coming nonetheless. >> not a problem. >> i don't have any questions. does anybody on the commission have questions for the budget analyst? >> not really, no. >> was it mr. cunningham? >> i look forward to working with mr. st. croix and we'll see where we go. thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i have a question. >> commissioner hayon. >> when you say there are things that you would like to get done, that you
Feb 13, 2013 11:00pm EST
or the late gilberr. 3 i'' jeff barnd,... here's bruce cunningham wiih ssoott unlimited. 3 3 3 after making their firstt 3years, you might expect the oriolee to be a littlemore enthusiastic than usuullabouu opening up springtraaning... &pbutti onnt think anyonee 3& thhs: & 3& with the first full-ssuad porkouts ot scheduled until &psaturdaythe orioles officially - have a full house at their spring trriningcoimplex in sarasota...tte oriileessaid -3 today thattall bbt ooe player on the 60 an spring training a reeerve infielder who won't pven make the club...batting practice was llvely today, with all 88returning position crowdee that theeoriolls had po set up a seonddatting was he firstt official workkut for pitchers -&pand mentioned, hits the field on ssturday.. 3 back here in baltimore...the world champion ravens are in the midst of figuring out thhir rosterrfor next season &pand they have ssveral free agents o consider, ihncludinn supposedto meet with eam represeeativessaa the combine next week in indianapolis.. indiinapolis..
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
it for the latt 3 3 herees bruce cunningham, &pwith sportt unlimiied 3 3 3 3 there are eports 3&ptooight ttat there will be a 3 flacco's agenttand ravens executives flacco's agent aad betwwen joee ill be a meetiig toniiht that there will be a meeting this weekbetween joe flacco's aaent ann raveess executives at the nfl combine in indiannpolis...thhs after a - inaction following 3 the ravees are reporttdly & lookin g at the possibility of putting tte franchise agon 3 cap hit of over 14- miilion..and as mmch as 20 million...that would obviously severly handicap them going forward, andneither side seems to wwnt was thh - first day they could haae 3 they that could e viewed as a positive..sorta... they have until march 4th to deice to place the tag...after & that, it's gameon..sty tuned. 3 the orioles ggt a littll tastt of what we're oing thru thiss morriig...when they hit the fiell at the team's saraaott -3 spring training base, temperatuues were a very -3 maryland-like 36 &pthe ress of us, they all survivvd.. survived..
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
'ss bruce cunningham with sporrs unlimited. uulimitee. 3 3- 3 3 3 this saturday, the orioles get the grapefruit leagueseason started, hosting the twins in saaasota.lefttander zachh bbiiton will get the start.. jaiirjurgens ill go sunday ddnedin...and the players re get to this point..they plaayd their seciid strright day of 3&break the monotony...ann matt wieters hit a omm run in one of them...they'll be hhppy too -3 pee ssme ifferent colored 3 3 "...hitting for aawhile" while" 33 buck shooalter 3 giving the baltimooe bullet a harddtime before the 22-ttie olympic medalist took swingss in thhecage...baltiiore's own mmchael phhlpss wearing number medals he won, participated in batting practice before the intrasquaddgame...he hopps the orioles can duplicate tte samm ssccess as their camden yards 3 last spring, they 3 3 3 laat spring, heyywon the first nnaa championshipin &pschool history...ttis saturday, theyyraise the flag at their stadiumhosting 3 opener.. 3&p we got ouu first look at them last night, as the &&pgreyhounds ran their record to h
Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm EST
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Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
cunningham in nee orleans...with more on this har-bowll ey bruce. 3 p3 pkg roll ue: "over-shadowing the layers" 3 3 3 anyone else sick 3 3 3 3 3 33 anyone else ssck of hyping upp the super bowl...don't worry -3 in two more ays it will be over. ooe is moreeready thhn the 44ers and ravens.there -&pwill be no more media availability in new orreans.... &pthey'veetalked... anddposed for tte camera enough..while this week has been enttrtaining....there's a game to be plaaed sunday... aadd it's the game.bbrnard pollard said thaa hit the team once 3 3 "it's goonn to be a war and - it's going toobe fun. it's & going to be fun for all f s. -3 where this expprience right now is just, it's truly a blessing for all of us. i know - we can't say it enough, we thank god for the position &pwe're in and i'm pretty sure they''e saying the same thinn. but on sunday, it's going down." one reason the n-f-l is so & popular, betting...but it's not all on the game...prop bets aae becoming mooe and 3 offthe unique wwys to risk your money on sunday,
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Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
. president. >> and guys, welcome back to "hannity." >> guys, thank you. billy cunningham, i see the smile on your face, tell me where the shared sacrifice of barack hussein obama. >> it's been 28 days since he was inaugurated. nuclear bombs are going off and dying in syria. since the second term began, 300,000 americans signed up for good stamps and borrowed 128 billion dollars the last 28 days all he can do is send michelle "let them eat cake" in as spend and he's he with el tigre, and playing golf. and they had what was going on in the country and it's horrible, there could not be a worst start to a second administration. failed cabinet officials, golf rounds, let them eat cake? i'm playing golf and i'm going to trick everybody into believing i care about you. he remind me about clinton said about him being the most ethical president in american history. >> sean: penny, where is the shared sacrifice and we have to make unpopular choices and some austerity. he had a vacation a month ago. i worked most of my vacation over christmas. where is the sacrifice? >> and he's agreed to sacrifices
Feb 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
. at the same time, a big new storm is churning out west. let's bring in meteorologist kim cunningham with the latest. it seems like a broken record. >> it does. we've been so busy, it's like every weekend we're getting a storm here in the northeast. this is the one that did bring all that snow to the plains. we're going to see it bring some snow to boston, maybe a rain-snow mix starting out. northwest of boston and into maine is where we're going to see probably 6 to 12 inches of snow before this is all done. boston maybe about 3 inches. mixing with probably rain through tomorrow. wind will be a problem as well. then we're going to focus our attention on the next storm to come out of the rockies. this will bring snow into denver. that will be through tomorrow. then the same areas that got up to 2 feet of snow and still 7 inches of snow on the ground in kansas city will see an additional 6 to 12 inches. in chicago, you're also going to be dealing with this. looks like tuesday we'll start to see the snow come in. possibly 3 to 6 inches of snow, there are 3 inches of snow still on the g
Feb 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
. here he is from there, the shot, going right in. and cunningham, matt wins the championship. getting the 2nd champion of the wgt. they should never play in the 18th hole. giants play. watch it. he said, you know what? the second tphaoeupl two years it has happened to me -- this is the second time in two years it has happened to me, i have to start using my glove. >>> now, rookie of the year, mike trout, ever so popular. the angels, chris young, nice acquisition there is coco crisp scoring, putting up the 3. chris young leads the game with a leg cramp. the shortstop, perez, the opposite way. 1-run scores. 2-run scores. and third. that was the game winner. they get it 1-1 in cactus league action. coming up, my spring training interview with josh who did not bat an eye when they signed josh hamilton in the off season. >> we are still here to be here. here to compete. no matter what you did in the off season it will not change our mind we will go out there and beat the tar out of you. does not matter what you pay him. we are going to go
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
within 2, but that is as close as they would get. mount carmel pulls away. cunningham finishes its and mount carmel pulls off a huge upset, 59-50 over no. 1 ranked st. francis. terps finished off a season sweep at boston college tonight 86-61. we all have a bucket list, and after spending the better part of his young life pursuing gold medals, michael phelps has turned his full attention to his bucket list. he showed up at orioles' spring training in sarasota and jumped in the batting cage. he has clearly learned how to compensate for all that time spent working in the pool by having a lot of fun now on dry land. >> this is my first time coming out and being able to be in the clubhouse and joke around with the guys. i had a great time. i wanted to hit a home run, but i felt a little short a couple of times. i had a blast today and the guys are just relaxed and having fun getting ready for this season. >> -- his first at bat. in the playing time rotation, it should give the orioles a much stronger outfield. danica patrick and jeff gordon made it through today's race without having t
Feb 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
to sports director bruce cunningham who was at the cooches press p3 3 3 thanks bruce, jennifer gilbert is also anchoring our coverage offthe ssperbowl ffom nee rleans. things on this friday beffre - the super bowl? rollcce pkg=second suppr bowl . 3 3 3 &p3 baatimore police aae bracinn for super owl fans. they say trouble.. bbt if people et oou of control, cops ay they prepared. they''e... shutting down... ome streets... streets...//. keith daniels ... live... from federal hill... with more pplice plans.. keith. keith. jeff and karen... police say additionall &pofficers will beedeployed to prime bar eighborhoods like here in fedeeal hill. they'll be in fells point and canton too.......hunndeds of offfcers mooitoring the crowdd. crowds. at the correr of west cross street and charles in police say be attheadquarterr monitoring those feedd frommstationary and helicopter cameras. they ay they'll also be on the streets wtih other law agencies looking for drunk drivers. live n federall hill, kd, fox45 newssat ten. there are ...other plans... police will us
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
cunningham with sports unlimite. unlimited. 3 baltimore avens fans showed theirrlove for their team....n the best wwy possible way. everyone preety much ditched work and be a parttof the raaens welcome &pback party from new orleans. and their super bowl 47 parade. parade.frommcity hall to the frontt f thousands.... an esttmated 200- thousand..the ravens paaked a float.... ome rooe on military vehicles.ed reed evvn started a riottlike scene at &poneepoint... walkiig the it eeded at heir home... m&t - bank.71-thousand in thhir seats... even morr stanning on the field... extra police haa to be called to the stadium... and they had to close the gates and turn fans waa from tte evenn because of the crowd. just an awesome cene... for the est team in the world.... and sttry book ending for the 3 tte players and coaches accomplished everything they wanted this season...nnw it's up to the froot officeesteve bisciotti and company... it's time to opennup that and his agent.... fll in thh - what flacco's gonna get. somewhere in the 20 million dollar range... fo
Feb 6, 2013 5:30pm EST
vvitor go the spoils...and tte ravens aree getting abiggone...bruce cunningham has deeails, next in sports... 3 3 wwth he lombardi troohy -resting safely intheir owwngs pills commlex, and the ppayers packing upand scatteringgto the fourrwinds, thoughts now shiftto the off-season...thh next year's schedule..ww goo a today.. 3 as efending super bowl phhmmiins, the raaens have bben guven their due..ttey will open he seassn thursdaa, september 5th at m&t bann oppooent has nnt yee been nnmed, and is not expected to be for another six peeks orso..don't rule out a super owl ematch..the league brother ssoryline..expect an owners meetings, which begin & march 17thhn phoenix... 3 evry member offthe ravens 3 officially accept grants-in-aid fromthe college of their choice...and it wws anotherrbannnr day for a certtin schoollin eastbaltimore... dunbar high's state 1-a state football champions saw6 players ign scolarships, two of ttem heading to majorss &pmalik jones yo maarland and & marvvn gross, jrto est viiginia..and ggoss knoos juss p
Feb 10, 2013 10:00pm EST
. 3 3 3 that's all foo the news at uu next bruce cunningham aad suuer bowl season and look ahead tt next year in sports unliiited...bruce and morgaa... 3 coming up tonight on sports pnlimited...what a wwek it's been for the ravens...frrm super bbwl to's a 3& hey turr tteir -3 attention to next yearr..they have to sign oe flacco... don't worry ravenn fans...he'' not going anywhere...find out who they could llse based onn-3 what flacco ett... 3 and we recap the avvns peason...firrt, we coont down & the top 10 ravens plays of he yearr..let theedebating begin... bbgin...then, we ttke ou from &pthe agony in oxborough last season....toothe celebration in new orleans...ww've got - something every ravenssfans should see... &psee... and joe flacco hass been whisked around the world siice his mvp performance... prom disney to fashion eek... hear from the avvns quarterback every step of the way...sports unlimited sttrts &p
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
. 3 3 and i'm jenniier gilbert. up -3 nnxt ii bruce cunningham with sports uulimitee. unlimited. 33 p3 heaaing intoothe off-season,, & pheeravens know theirtop & riority, job number one-a, is signing quarterbaccjoe &pflacco...a week after the teams prrumphant viitory paradethh two sides have yet to schedule aameeting.. meeting.. & 3 flacco's agent, joe lintt, 3 happpn during the combine next week in indianapolis.. after hii historiccperformance in the playoffs, fllcco can - basically nnmm his price..linta is saas ffacco phould be the highest paidin 3 which would be a 15 and half million dollar caphitt..ozzie to that... 3 "we're lookkng to get a ffir deal with joe. aad yes, consume a lot of cap room. butt we arr lookinn for aaffir deal, oe linta is looking ffr a fair deal, and if we are able to get deal done, it willlallow us to participate more n the market, if we o choose. bbt,,we understand 3 that - the season is overr one of the -3 raves resident stars has a medical desicion to make...the ravens say thhy..and ttrrrl
Feb 12, 2013 5:30pm EST
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Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
for sports & unlimittd...i'm bbuce cunningham...ggodnight. goodnight.
Feb 17, 2013 10:00pm EST
for the news at up next bruce cunningham andd morgan adsit have the latest from spring training. plus a recap from maryland's big win & over duue in sports unlimited...bruce and morgan... 3 coming up tonight on sports unlimited...the terps take down the number 2 teammin the lann who also happens to be their arch rivals duke... duke...hear from mark turgeon maryland's head we avv another coach inn studio...jimmy patsos from loyola joins us to talk about the ncaaatourney... tturrey... 3 brian roberts is finally pealtty...why e could seeehimm's a ffrst at the daytonn 500...why today's -3 qualltying madd nascar history... -& istory...and adam joness welcomes kevin gausman to his first ssring training...the 3 2012 first rond pick...sports - unlimitee ssarts aftee this...
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
the field in batimore... fr the irst tme ttis season..bruue cunningham &phas that story, next in sports 3 3 thht's all for the late 3 barnd. and i'm jeenifer gilbert, here's brucc cunniigham with sports unlimited. unlimited. 3- the last time we saw the teamthey wwre defeatiig first ever nccachampionship... &ptheir hoom pener is set for 3 peektonight, as the houndd -3 visited towson at unitas stadium.. 3 first half... no score...greyhounns & hhetaning...justin ward findss mike sawwee in front...fires and sccres...loyola takes the earry 110 advantagg...laterrin - the 2-0 hounds...looolaaon the attack again....hat's sean 'sulllvan ripping a shottffoo up &ptop...finds thh net...greyhounds would score thh first four goals of tte game...towson not going down & advannage...thomas dinapoli pushing up thh right two defenders and 3 would nn e ennugg...greyhoun ds win...14-9 to o to 2-0 on - tteeseason. -3 3&this saturday, spring training movve o phaseetwo...tghe grapefruit league season begins...with hostinggthe t
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
barnd. barnd. 3& and i'mmjennifer giibert. up next is bruce cunningham, 33now. p33 after maaing the playoffs for the first time in15 years, the orioles are erving notiieethat it wasn't a, thhy raised thhir record to a perfect 3-0in grapefruit leagge play. plly.brian matusz mmking his first ssring some prouble in the 1st...matusz induces theegrounder to 3rd... manny mmccado ssarts the 5-4-3 stretch by & chris davis at 1st....then hh -3 faas juan riverr to end the inning...2 scoreless by maauszz...bbtttm offthh 11t... brian roberts laces it down the left ield linn...husttes in to 2nd for a 1 out double... .2 batters later...2 outs... center....ooerts trots in from jonsey...o's in front 1-0.... 3 markakis serves it into leftt cceter...brian roberts scores his 2nd run of the game...o's &pup the 4tt...nate mclouth splitssthe and machado come around too & scoree..mclouth standupp improve to 3-and--o this -3 spring, 5-1 over the yankees... encouraginngnews from the pitchinn front down in florida...ffr the ffrs
Jan 31, 2013 4:00pm PST
eric cunningham from egypt. i think it's 2:30 a.m. so thanks for sticking up with us. >> no problem. >> so oh, can you run through how bad is egypt now compared to when the revolution took place? we've heard talk of civil war. is that what you're feeling on the ground? >> i don't think we're at the point where there would be a civil war just yet but with more tense this time around, it took a more central role. there were protests with security forces. certainly, things are a lot different. they sort of dropped the pretense of a peaceful uprising against the government. so certainly things are very serious. i wouldn't go so far as to say there will be a civil war just yet. >> these opposition groups claiming that the morsi is acting more and more like mubarak. do you see him trying to install an author tarian regime in the country. >> he would like to valuize authority around. whether or not he will continue in that position is another story, but he's certainly falling into the trap that mubarak did. he is issuing repressive security orders for military curfew and giving them powers
Feb 26, 2013 11:00am PST
cunningham starting the petition to bring national attention to the trayvon martin case. thank you all for joining us. jonathan, as i mentioned, we know that george zimmerman and attorneys have a website where they have accepted donations and taken to the internet to respond to editorials and comments out there specifically yours, jonathan. they quite a couple of editorials you wrote in the month of february and in response to one of them, they say, regarding you, he must also overlook the significant forensic evidence that supports george's claim of self defense and the fbi documents related to the civil rights investigation showed no evidence george acted in a racially motivated way. mark o'mara is still fighting the public perception that this is about race as much as it is about the stand your ground law and he cites your editorial specifically, jonathan. >> well, look. i mean, if anyone has read all of the things i have written, i have not talked about directly the racial aspects of of this case. what attorney o'mara is pointing to is the federal investigation in to whether hate c
Feb 3, 2013 9:00pm EST
cunningham? >> mr. speaker, on the subject of foot safety, can you confirm traces of stalking horse have been found in the conservative party food chain? >> that was -- i had some where in my briefing, i had some very complicated information about the danger of particular drugs for horses entering the food change. -- food chain. i have to say he threw me completely with that ingenious pivot. the conservative party has always stood for people who want to work hard and get on and i'm glad all those behind me take that very seriously indeed. >> sir peter tapsell. >> as my right honorable friend sets forth on his pacific mission to algeria, will he with his great historical knowledge bear in mind that when louis philippe sent his oldest son to algeria in the 1840's, on a similar venture, it took a century, massive casualties, the overthrow of the third republic, and the genius of general de gaulle to get the french army back out of the north african desert? >> order! order! i think we want to hear the prime minister's answer to the question. prime minister? >> i can reassure my right honorable fr
Feb 9, 2013 4:20pm EST
in afghanistan. ambassador cunningham and general allen for their continued expressions of support for our work. both promise to me during my latest visit that they would ensure that our people would be able to access the same locations that their people can access. but ultimately, you can see that the question is, how far will their people be able to access? what will they be able to see? how far will they be able to go outside the kabul bubble? many of our programs will be exposed to increased risk, and misused, especially as we continue to use direct or on- budget assistance to the afghan red, and especially if we do so without opposing preconditions effective personnel. the next question i posed deals with an equally significant problem, namely, corruption. are the reconstruction projects developed and planned to include deter, and mitigates corruption? foranistan's reputation corruption is deep-rooted and widespread. i do not have to devote too much time to that. a recent survey found that 60% of the afghans believe that corruption is a major problem, and even more believe that it is a maj
Jan 31, 2013 10:00pm EST
's head live to new ooleans cunningham.hey brucee &3 vo rool cce: "new breed of & quaaterback"sot roll cue: &p"problem for ravees 'd'" 33 hallti ngata: "they're andingg off theeball, throwing thee ball. you just got to make sureeyou defenne and then you communicate very well."paul kruuer: "it's a tough tting to prepare for because it always give them an extra guy. it's new to the league, ss not preparing for it. we're excited though,,i think we & 3 phy the ravenss 3&pdecided to mmve their practice site after ooeeday of workouts...coming up on the late dition... 3 thinking of retiiing? regretted it... wat is he up to n his golden years? 3 ...and ccming up n just 5 mmnutes on the late edition... edition... nninteenet - hacking scandal.why he new york times iisblaming hinn. 3 3 and fake mmrchaadise at the superbowl. how the n-f-l is cracking ddwn. 3 the... 3 jackpot.start watching at 5am
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Feb 20, 2013 1:00pm PST
was convicted and you saw republican former majority from texas and duke cunningham. not the to minimize the crimes of one or maximize the other. >> but treat both the same. >> right. it's interesting how our colleagues in the media, especially the left flank, rejoice over the downfall of people they disagree with politically and try to not cover with great detail the downfall of those whose politics they agree with. >> i wonder, too, the way this is presented, time and again when we have an issue, whether left or right, the left is cut a great deal of slack. i'm just saying whether it's a left or right issue, cover both the same. if you're going after the improprieties of one candidate, go after the other. with the same abandon but with the same zeal. >> agreed. his father is a historic figure, like him or dislike him. the father has friends across the political spectrum. what he did, he pleaded guilty, the deal he got is a paramount public interest. the public has the right to know about it and who he is no matter who his father is. and they have the right to know the depth and depravi
Feb 16, 2013 7:00am PST
, a picture from the most powerful telescope. simon cunningham -- >> it's going to fly off and might hit something and explode. >> reporter: the asteroid just 17,000 miles or 14 minutes of travel away from earth. incredibly on the same night just before 8:00 reports around northern california of a meteorite shooting across the sky. >> it was probably just a coincidence, a celestial objects being just happened to be in the same spot. >> reporter: adding to a friday show that began with the meteorite that hit central russia injuring 1,200. >> they knew nothing. that came in without warning. you can think of this as a giant game of roulette with the whole earth. >> reporter: former astronaut ed lu says the chance of an asteroid hitting the earth in our lifetime is 30%. >> think of 500 to 1,000 hiroshima bombs in one place, set off simultaneously, that's what you're looking at. draw a circle from the golden gate bridge to san jose, draw a big, round circle, nothing standing would be in that area, nothing. >> reporter: lu says earth is completely vulnerable with 99% of asteroids going untrack
Feb 13, 2013 10:00pm EST
issbrilliant2012 season & means nothing thissspring.. bruce cunningham has that storr ext n sports &pphhwn hubbard, ravens teem get ammed uu-- kinda like the ppayers do." do." the ravens super bowl win...from the teams shot at a time...when we come back &&pthey'rr eager to get hiigs &pgoinn down innsarasota...even thoughhposition ppayers aren't required to rreprt until friday, anyyof themmare 3 hardy andmanny maahado are -3 alreaddygetting in their work.. thh first full squad worrout of the spring issset for thissaturdaay. -3 ssturday.. the birds broke a 15 yyar postssassn drought lassyear, and this guy was a majorf reason why..closer jim johnson - had the kkiddof year most guys can just dream of..he became only he 0th pitccer to ever rreordd5o or more saveswith a the american leaguu relief wouldd't have won wittout him...but johnson says 2012 was 2011...this is a whole new yyar 3 an already ambitiouu athleeic prograa tstevenson university -33 ps taking anotter very big step...they are winding up their first ssason assaa division thre
Feb 20, 2013 10:00pm EST
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Feb 11, 2013 1:00pm PST
spies don't like their names used. >> my name is richie cunningham. how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ remember the time >> good afternoon, and we start in washington where we can observe two very different ways in which we might honor those who serve with this country's armed forces. first, the president led a medal of honor ceremony for staff sergeant clinton remache whose actions during an attack helped save the lives of dozens of his comrades. and then there is the concerted effort by republicans to deny another distinguished veteran from serving his country as secretary of defense. a senate committee scheduled to vote on the nomination of chuck hagel tomorrow. senator john mccain says, i will not participate in any walkout of tomorrow's committee vote, which i guess is what counts for statesmanship among republicans these days, but as to whether mr. mccain will support his one-time friend, well, that remains a bit of a mystery. >> we've still got some more information. >> are you going to support him for defense secretary? >> i will see the rest of the answers to his qu
Feb 10, 2013 5:00am EST
better grades and to stay away from drugs and gangs rodney cunningham is just 17. but he already has his wings. and is an accomplished pilot 12k34r6789 i feel like i'm above reality. like above everything, like everything stops once i get in that plane. >> and if you think he is a little young to control an aircraft, check this out. >> i have a 5-year-old, 8-year-old kids that can fly a real airplane. this airplane can be flown by an 8-year-old child. >> at the aeronotical museum kids are being empowered to dream big. >> i had an opportunity to take a did destined for one direction and completely change them make them better than what even they thought they could be. >> it requires a commitment. students sign a contract to stay out of gangs and drugs and work hard to get better grades. >> flying is a vehicle to setting big goals. >> here it's not just teaching you how to fly. it's give you the skills and tools so you can do anything in life you want to. >> howe do you like that? ok. i want you to do that. >> from flight simulationlations students move on to math and engineering and the p
Feb 9, 2013 5:00am PST
and merging of lines between klans, neo-nazi, skinheads, and others. >> david cunningham, thank you for that. >> thank you very much. >>> did steven spielberg get his story wrong in "lincoln?" a member of congress says he did. the story straight ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday". is one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air®. progressive claims. this is flo. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressiv
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
particularly grateful to ambassador cunningham and general allen for their continued expressions of support for our work. both promise to me during my latest visit that they would ensure that our people would be able to access the same locations that their people can access. but ultimately, you can see that the question is, how far will their people be able to access? what will they be able to see? how far will they be able to go outside the kabul bubble? many of our programs will be exposed to increased risk, and misused, especially as we continue to use direct or on- budget assistance to the afghan red, and especially if we do so without opposing preconditions on the afghan government for effective personnel. the next question i posed deals with an equally significant problem, namely, corruption. are the reconstruction projects developed and planned to include adequate safeguards to detect, deter, and mitigates corruption? afghanistan's reputation for corruption is deep-rooted and widespread. i do not have to devote too much time to that. a recent survey found that 60% of the afghans beli
Feb 4, 2013 8:30pm EST
in afghanistan. i am particularly grateful to ambassador cunningham and general allen for their continued expressions of support for our work. both promise me during my latest visit that they would ensure that our people would be able to access the same locations that their people can access. ultimately we will see. the question is how far will their people be able to access? how far will they be will to go outside of the kabul bubble? i hear many of our programs will be exposed to increased risk of theft and misuse, especially as we continue to use direct or on budget assistance to the afghan government and especially we do so without imposing strict preconditions on the afghan government to permit effective oversight by u.s. personnel. the next question i pose deals with a different but equally significant problem, namely corruption. are the reconstruction programs and projects developed and planned to include adequate safeguards to detect, deter and mitigate corruption? afghanistan to reputation for corruption is deep-rooted and widespread and i don't have to devote too much time to th
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Feb 14, 2013 3:00am PST
: remember i brought this up before, remember when mr. cunningham and ritchie were on opposite sides. when ritchie was for adlai stevenson. in the end it broke them closer. >>steve: mr. bosley picked the winner. >>brian: because there was no president stevenson. if fonzi got behind stevenson it would have been a different deal. >>steve: according to your party, what are the programs most important to you. what republican policy do you want to change? as you can see, 23% of you want to change the way we spend government money. what's interesting about the democrats is the list is almost identical. >>gretchen: 21% say government spending is what they want to change. 14% health care, 12% gay marriage, and 10% taxes. >>brian: all those things were on both lists except republicans would like to change abortion and the democrats would like to change guns. let me tell you what happened on the news while we were talking to each other. >>gretchen: trouble in camelot as two kennedys have been arrested. environmental activist connor kennedy getting handcuffed by police in washington, d.c. he was arre
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